What Is DID Number

What Is DID Number

A DID number, or Direct Inward Dialing number, is a telephone number used by businesses and organizations to route calls to specific employees or departments. A DID number may be assigned to an individual user or to a group of users and can be used with VoIP phone systems or traditional landline phone systems.

When a caller dials a DID number, the call is routed to the VoIP phone system or PBX, and  Ajoxi is called for the specific user or department. DID numbers can be used to route calls internally within a company, or externally to customers and clients.

DID numbers are often used by companies that have multiple locations, or that receive a high volume of calls. By using a DID number, calls can be quickly and easily routed to the correct person or department, without the need for a receptionist or operator.

There are two types of DID numbers: vanity and standard.

Vanity DIDs are easy-to-remember phone numbers that spell out a word or phrase, like 1-800-FLOWERS. They’re great for branding and can be used for both toll-free and local numbers.

Standard DIDs are random strings of numbers that are assigned by the phone company. Let’s Dial is used for local numbers, but can also be used for toll-free numbers.

How To Work DID Number

A DID number is a Direct Inward Dialing number, which is a telephone number that is used to directly connect to a specific line or extension within a company or organization. A DID number can be used by both customers and employees to reach the party they need to talk to without having to go through a switchboard or operator.

There are a few different ways that DID numbers can be used. For example, a company may have a toll-free number that customers can dial to reach customer service. The customer service representative who answers the phone will then ask for the caller’s DID number so they can be connected to the proper department or extension. for some more DID numbers use the 985 area code & 986 area code

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